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January 14, 2013
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Pokemon BW Screenshots Meme by bubblesishot46853 Pokemon BW Screenshots Meme by bubblesishot46853
My take on a screenshot meme, made by :icongreenmamba5:. The base can be found here: [link]

*EDIT* Changed some screenshots a little so they look better.

1. Pokemon Black and White. This includes Original, Rival Destinies, and Adventures in Unova.

2. Bianca and Georgia. But you already knew that.

3. Bianca is incredibly cute, and is sure to get a good laugh from me. Georgia is badass, and won't take shit from anyone.

4. Iris and Cameron. I wanna kill these two so much.

5. Aside from the obvious reasons why. Iris' Dragonite completely ruined her character for me. Cameron is just so stupid that Ash is shocked that there's someone stupider than him.

6. JokeShipping is my OTP!!!

7. SpokeShipping, I am highly against. See my journal on it for why.

8. This was tough to choose just one. I laughed so hard when Bianca poked Sawk's muscles, and Georgia's Beartic crushing Sylvester's Joltik was just as funny.

9. Iris vs Georgia was the last time I cried in a while. And I will cry again when Bianca vs Cameron is dubbed.

10. The battle with Bianca vs Georgia was one of my favorite battles yet! I'd love to see another battle like that again!

11. Even though BW as a series pulled some incredible bullshit, I like it in the end. It gets a thumbs up.

12. Looks like Georgia and Burgundy are arguing again! They're just don't wanna say their true feelings to each other, it seems.

Hope you like it.
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wow this was pretty nice.
Thanks. Care to share some of your opinions?
Well I'm a Bianca fan as well. To me I like her because she's different from the others. She's actually funny. Shes just to lovable to hate. And I agree, that muscle thing was hilarious. This explains why I hate dragons. Georgia is a great rival too.
Well, some other rivals can be funny, too. Barry's antics are a guilty pleasure, and sometimes Georgia gets into some funny things. Sadly, I hear of people who really hate Bianca because of her Zorua quest.

You hate Dragons, too? Care to explain?
well, back was I was younger I liked Dratini. I still do. But Dragonite always weird to me. I never got that evolution.

1. Overrated. There not that good and non are that original except a few.
2. There insanely overpowered.
3. Non are that interesting except for Giratina and Raquaza.
4. Too many dragon legendaries.
5. In the show they make them seen like gods.
I only like Dratini and Latias.

1. I agree completely.
2. Agreed.
3. I don't truly like those, too be honest.
4. Agreed. Please, more Grass Legendaries!
5. ESPECIALLY Iris' Dragonite!
sorry i kinda ranted abit.
It's cool. I agree with it all, and it's good to rant.
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Iris-bw2 Feb 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
wow, that's...
Iris is an amazing character!
I don't like Bianca, but I wouldn't kill her.(a bit far, no?)
such a shame, really. Iris is awesome!:iconinuspazplz:
why would you really wanna kill her? No need for hate ppl!
Well, it's because she made a fool of poor Georgia in the Junior Cup. But what's your reason for Bianca disdain?
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