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Chibi Lavender by Orcbrother by bubblesishot46853 Chibi Lavender by Orcbrother :iconbubblesishot46853:bubblesishot46853 10 13 Desiree by ThatVenusianGirl-7 by bubblesishot46853 Desiree by ThatVenusianGirl-7 :iconbubblesishot46853:bubblesishot46853 10 36 Dreams DO Come True! by bubblesishot46853 Dreams DO Come True! :iconbubblesishot46853:bubblesishot46853 8 41 Hirudora Being Cute/Silly (2) by bubblesishot46853 Hirudora Being Cute/Silly (2) :iconbubblesishot46853:bubblesishot46853 4 0 Lavender the Lynel Laying Down by Orcbrother by bubblesishot46853 Lavender the Lynel Laying Down by Orcbrother :iconbubblesishot46853:bubblesishot46853 8 5 Beth the Ink Bear by Orcbrother by bubblesishot46853 Beth the Ink Bear by Orcbrother :iconbubblesishot46853:bubblesishot46853 18 140
Dream Venture 0.5: The Dream Dazzles (Chapter 3)
    “So, now that I’ve met everyone, I guess that means I can start weighing my options…”  I thought about my experiences with every cat, and four immediately popped into mind.  “Hmmm…I’m kinda stuck between Orange, Pink, Purple, and Magenta.”  Almost immediately, Pink stopped licking the cake off and his eyes started to sparkle.  He was trying to sway me to picking him, and he made no attempt to hide it.  That didn’t affect my thinking though; I was made of slightly tougher stuff than that.
    I racked my brain, trying to figure out any major faults that these four had.  The only one of those that stuck out was Orange.  With his appetite, he’d eat me out of house and home!  With my current job and current hours, there was no way that I’d be able to afford him in the long run.  And Magenta had me a little bit on edge about how he introd
:iconbubblesishot46853:bubblesishot46853 2 6
Dream Venture 0.5: The Dream Dazzles (Chapter 2)
    As soon as I stepped on the grass, I noticed my feet sunk in a very tiny bit, kinda like walking on a mattress.  It wasn’t noticeable enough for me to worry about, and it wasn’t dragging me in, so I just put it aside for now and kept walking.
    I decided that I’d meet the purple kitty first.  His tail didn’t have any real distinction of what he was about, and I wanted to know what his deal was.  Besides, he was closest to me at the moment.  The yellow one must’ve told him to go long and got bored or something.  Either way, I knelt down in front of him and smiled.  “Hi there, little buddy!  How are you?”  I spoke to him not as if he was a baby, like how lots of people talk to their pets, but as if I was talking to another human.  A young human, but a human nonetheless.
    The violet feline looked up at me and his eyes seemed to grow ev
:iconbubblesishot46853:bubblesishot46853 2 0
Dream Venture 0.5: The Dream Dazzles (Chapter 1)
    It was just a normal night; nothing really noteworthy about it whatsoever.  I did the usual routine that usually happens before going to bed.  You know, brush your teeth, take a shower, get night clothes on, say your prayers, and tuck yourself in.  I closed my eyes, got comfortable, and then lost myself in sleep.
    As I lost myself in the blackness, something happened that hadn’t ever happened before.  I was in blackness…and a door just appeared.  It was not a very special door, except for its faded purple color.  And since there was nowhere else to go, I decided to open it and walk inside.  I mean, who wouldn’t?
    Beyond the door was a vast landscape.  It was mostly flat, save for me standing on a small hill.  Even though it was small, I could view a large plain all around the hill with a path leading down the hill and into the plain with a decently sized lake to the rig
:iconbubblesishot46853:bubblesishot46853 2 4
Lavender the Lynel by lunaritia by bubblesishot46853 Lavender the Lynel by lunaritia :iconbubblesishot46853:bubblesishot46853 12 14 Lynel Belly Pan Shot by bubblesishot46853 Lynel Belly Pan Shot :iconbubblesishot46853:bubblesishot46853 4 3 Even More Lynel Belly by bubblesishot46853 Even More Lynel Belly :iconbubblesishot46853:bubblesishot46853 6 0 Silver Lynel Belly (Front) by bubblesishot46853 Silver Lynel Belly (Front) :iconbubblesishot46853:bubblesishot46853 5 0 Silver Lynel Belly (Side) by bubblesishot46853 Silver Lynel Belly (Side) :iconbubblesishot46853:bubblesishot46853 4 0 Silver Lynel Belly by bubblesishot46853 Silver Lynel Belly :iconbubblesishot46853:bubblesishot46853 3 0 Des Kangaroo is Ready to Duel by bubblesishot46853 Des Kangaroo is Ready to Duel :iconbubblesishot46853:bubblesishot46853 9 10


Weavile by Furryfox1418 Weavile :iconfurryfox1418:Furryfox1418 3 2 [SFM] Twilight Wolf by Furryfox1418 [SFM] Twilight Wolf :iconfurryfox1418:Furryfox1418 4 2 [Gmod]Zorua and Zoroark by Furryfox1418 [Gmod]Zorua and Zoroark :iconfurryfox1418:Furryfox1418 4 2 Ink Lion in a bubble by kuby64 Ink Lion in a bubble :iconkuby64:kuby64 15 6 [Gmod] - Fennekin's Birthday Present by DreamCasterPegasus [Gmod] - Fennekin's Birthday Present :icondreamcasterpegasus:DreamCasterPegasus 15 5 SSU Bios: Tawerettes by EmperorNortonII SSU Bios: Tawerettes :iconemperornortonii:EmperorNortonII 8 11 SSU Bios: Sleipnirs by EmperorNortonII SSU Bios: Sleipnirs :iconemperornortonii:EmperorNortonII 14 9 Gypsy - A Bug's Life by Louisetheanimator Gypsy - A Bug's Life :iconlouisetheanimator:Louisetheanimator 32 18 Heather, Star, and Links by JustinandDennnis Heather, Star, and Links :iconjustinanddennnis:JustinandDennnis 16 4 ToonWorld Picnic by JustinandDennnis ToonWorld Picnic :iconjustinanddennnis:JustinandDennnis 47 63 Stanley's little sister by JustinandDennnis Stanley's little sister :iconjustinanddennnis:JustinandDennnis 15 7 Art Trade: Audrey's Flavorful Symphony by Waver92 Art Trade: Audrey's Flavorful Symphony :iconwaver92:Waver92 19 28 Dumbo's Nightmare by BluTaiger Dumbo's Nightmare :iconblutaiger:BluTaiger 7 8 alola ninetales, greninja, gardevoir, braixen by logancure alola ninetales, greninja, gardevoir, braixen :iconlogancure:logancure 700 33 Popplio Drawing by KnightAtNights Popplio Drawing :iconknightatnights:KnightAtNights 56 1 Everest FanArt by KnightAtNights Everest FanArt :iconknightatnights:KnightAtNights 27 9


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Rhinos use their poop to tell other rhinos about themselves. We saw one "updating it's status" on TV, and we can't stop laughing.
So, my senpai Ghast Station got wind of my response. *sniff* I couldn't be happier.

I await the blind sheep that come to attack me for liking Peri.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

Uggh, Infernal Difficulty can kiss my ass.

This map is literally impossible without a shit-ton of Skill Inheritance and promoting tons of characters to Five Stars (e.g., Xander, Klein, Reinhardt) that I can't afford. So I waited patiently until the legendary Mkv, who does challenges with F2P units, cleared it.

And I can't do it! Apparently, my Stahl is -DEF, which means he won't have enough health for Obstruct to work! The only way I can fix this is to give him Threaten ATK. Problem? I have no SI fodder, and I don't wanna waste Orbs just for the pathetic rewards given by clearing the Infernal Challenge, especially not when I want to save up for Elise.

In short, I give up. I hope Infernal difficulty never returns, especially not for Clarisse, who might just be another favorite. Of course, if I do end up summoning someone with Threaten ATK, I'll give it to Stahl just in case. Until then, I never wanna see another Infernal difficulty ever again!



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