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Response to Ghast Station (Peri is AWESOME)
Hey, everyone, it’s Layne. You know who’s the greatest character in Fire Emblem Fates? Elise. But Peri gets an extremely close second, because she’s one of the most relatable, lovable, and sweetest characters of the series. So, naturally, the fact that someone doesn’t love her is a huge shock.  But what’s even more insane, however, is that anyone could actually hate her. Sure, I’ve seen the comments of a few people, but I regarded them as just trolls who hate just about everything. That was until Ghast Station said his piece.
For those who don’t know, Ghast Station is a pretty popular guy who makes plenty of humorous videos. He’s responsible for the “This Is What Happens in” series, a funny retelling of the stories of each FE game, and he does plenty of playthroughs as well. He’s currently doing a Conquest Randomizer, which I highly recommend you check out! But what we’re talking about here is his Support Scie
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Something stupid that haunts me.

Why did I transfer my Typhlosion from HG to Gen 5 so long ago?  I hadn't even beat Red at the time. (Layne beat him much later because I had moved on)

Oh, and I guess Ike and Soren as well.
I feel I might've been too harsh on Awakening at first, since I was judging it coming from the absolute perfection of Fates, and that I was only truly playing it to get the Emblem Shield in Fates. I might've been too harsh in calling it "dated," and I feel maybe I should try again.

Of course, I need to pick marriages first, since I've only decided Olivia X Henry and Cordelia X Stahl. I'll need :iconprofessorshiro: for that. In addition, maybe this'll help me broaden out to try the other FE games I have: Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn, and Shadow Dragon.

So, what do you think? Should I give it another chance?


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