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bubblesishot46853 has started a donation pool!
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I'm taking commissions, so donate points if you wanna commission me.

One-character drawing: 5 points
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Something I normally wouldn't draw: 50 or 100 points, depending on the situation.

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Mom couldn't get me there on time because she didn't think they were that big a deal. Now, I failed to get Jigglypuff.

HOWEVER! After work today, Cameron went to Toys 'R' Us to pick up PAC-MAN, (he was preordered already), and managed to somehow get Greninja, too! So, we went traveling around, and also got Splatoon, the squirt gun, the Inkling amiibo, and Charizard. Still no Jigglypuff amiibo, though...

Of course, if there's anyone who has an extra to give away, I'm all ears. Just note me. OR, if there are any Jigglypuff in the Tampa area left, tell me where in a note.

Mom couldn't get me there on time because she didn't think they were that big a deal. Now, I failed to get Jigglypuff.

Of course, if there's anyone who has an extra to give away, I'm all ears. Just note me.

You wanted it, so here it is! Pit, Palutena, Viridi, and possibly a surprise guest or two give their two hearts on my selection of Miis that serve as fighters in my copy of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U!

Bubbles Utonium (The Powerpuff Girls)

Intrigued by bubblesishot46853 Whoa...what's this little girl doing here?

Neutral by bubblesishot46853 Oh! That's Bubbles of the Powerpuff Girls!

Confused by bubblesishot46853 Powder-puff...Power snuff...Powderette...what?

Reassuring by bubblesishot46853 The Powerpuff Girls are three little girls with superpowers that were created in a lab accident by Professor Utonium.

Commanding by bubblesishot46853 Bubbles usually is the sweetest of the three. But anger her too much, and she'll go hardcore.

Thinking by bubblesishot46853 Come to reminds me of someone I know...

Please! by bubblesishot46853 Oh, please! I'm nothing like that science experiment!

Hehe... by bubblesishot46853 Besides, she probably doesn't enjoy going barefoot as much as I do!

Glad by bubblesishot46853 Actually, from what I hear, she does. AND she loves and can communicate with all nature.

Hmmm... by bubblesishot46853 Huh. Guess we're more alike than we thought...

Travis Touchdown (No More Heroes)

Intrigued by bubblesishot46853 Wow, look at that sword! It's glowing so bright!

Surprised by bubblesishot46853 Watch out, Pit! That's Travis Touchdown! He's out to kill you!

Shocked by bubblesishot46853 Kill me? Oh, no! Why would he do that?

Concern by bubblesishot46853 Travis is the number one ranked assassin in the world. And since he had to reach it twice, his skills are legendary.

Angry by bubblesishot46853 Well, I'm not afraid! I'll do anything I can to take him down!

Upset by bubblesishot46853 But...just in case he DOES kill me, you'll bring me back to life, right?

Glad by bubblesishot46853 Of course I will! You're the strongest of my army, and I'd never let you die in Smash!

Troll by bubblesishot46853 However, that isn't a guarantee that he won't try to kill you again. And again. And again.

Terrified by bubblesishot46853 What? Why would you do that?!?

Neutral by bubblesishot46853 Death hasn't stopped you before, so don't let it this time. I know you can do it.

Curly Brace (Cave Story)

Shocked by bubblesishot46853 Whoa! A machine-gun-robot girl!

Glad by bubblesishot46853 Yep, that's Curly Brace! She's been protecting the Mimiga for as long as she can remember...

Pondering by bubblesishot46853 ...which isn't very long at all, since she lost her memory from before then.

Hmph. by bubblesishot46853If you don't know, Mimiga are cute little creatures that look like a rabbit and dog hybrid.

Overjoyed by bubblesishot46853 She's powerful, pretty, and babysits a ton of adorable critters? She's perfect for me!

Glad by bubblesishot46853 Why yes, she works very hard to protect them alongside a traveling buddy who's lost HIS memory.

Pained by bubblesishot46853 What? She's already taken?!?

Blush by bubblesishot46853 That's it! If I can't have her, no one can!

Oh! by bubblesishot46853're kinda scaring me...
Black Dynamite

Neutral by bubblesishot46853 Your current opponent is Black Dynamite.

Determined by bubblesishot46853 Huh. This guy looks pretty normal.

Reassuring by bubblesishot46853 Normal is actually the LAST word I'd use to describe him. He may just be human, but he has beyond average power.

Commanding by bubblesishot46853 He has actually done many things thought to be impossible. But his biggest weapon is the element of surprise.

Confused by bubblesishot46853 What's this element of surprise?

Pondering by bubblesishot46853 Well, have you ever had a time when you were minding your own business, and then out of the blue, you were attacked by a boomerang?

Irritated by bubblesishot46853 Oh, yeah, totally! In fact, I was hit by one just a few minutes ago!

Regret by bubblesishot46853 That was him. He threw it far in advance. And it's guaranteed to always hit its target.

Shocked by bubblesishot46853 No way...that's crazy!

Victorious by bubblesishot46853 Well, I guess I'll just have to try to stay two steps ahead!

Abraham Lincoln (Real Life)

Pleasant by bubblesishot46853 Pit, you know who that is, do you?

Victorious by bubblesishot46853 Of course! That's Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States!

Surprised by bubblesishot46853 I didn't know you studied American History, Pit!

Happy by bubblesishot46853 Heck no! I only know that he's the leader of the Strike Team Eliminating the Alien Menace! Codename: S.T.E.A.M.!

Pondering by bubblesishot46853 Hmmm...that is true...where did you hear of this anyway?

Happy by bubblesishot46853 Oh, Ike told me! He, Marth, Robin, and Lucina are all gonna help out!

Mad by bubblesishot46853 Leaving me in the dust again...

Intrigued by bubblesishot46853 Oh? You weren't invited, Chrom?

Regular by bubblesishot46853 I wasn't. I mean, I'm fine with being left out of Smash Bros. now...

Angry by bubblesishot46853 But this? Now people act like I don't even exist anymore!

Sad Sweat by bubblesishot46853 I truly am a worthless fool... *sob*

Somber by bubblesishot46853 Oh, gee...I had no idea. I'm so sorry. Lady Palutena, should I cheer him up?

Glad by bubblesishot46853 Please don't. It's funny.

Snarky by bubblesishot46853 You know, sometimes I REALLY question your morality...

Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan)

Happy by bubblesishot46853 Wow! Look at that amazing swordplay!

Glad by bubblesishot46853 Yes, that amazing skill can only be Levi Ackerman. He's the strongest human where he comes from.

Thinking by bubblesishot46853 What world does he come from, exactly?

Regret by bubblesishot46853 He comes from a world where humanity is driven to near extinction thanks to Titans. After seeing many of his friends die to them, Levi has become hardened for warfare.

Worried by bubblesishot46853 Ummm...what are Titans?

Sorrow by bubblesishot46853 Titans are giant humanoid monsters that only exist for obliterating humankind. They completely ignore everything else and devour only people.

Oh! by bubblesishot46853 Wait a sec...giant beasts that kill humans and ignore everything else?

Hahaha! by bubblesishot46853 They're perfect for my army!

Terrified by bubblesishot46853 What? Viridi, you can't be serious!

Yeah! by bubblesishot46853 Oh, I am! These Titans are literally the greatest things nature has ever bestowed on the universe!

Please! by bubblesishot46853 Besides, humanity as a whole is beyond redemption. Is it seriously wrong for me to root for the Titans?

Pissed by bubblesishot46853 Swag by bubblesishot46853 YES!!!

Argh! by bubblesishot46853 Oh, is that so? Tell you what, Pit, if we EVER become enemies again, I'll make sure to enlist some Titans to destroy you!

Pained by bubblesishot46853 Oh, great...Palutena? A little reassurance?

Glad by bubblesishot46853 Just don't worry about Viridi. She wouldn't do that. Just focus on Levi for now.

Kenny Ackerman (Attack on Titan)

Intrigued by bubblesishot46853 Whoa...this guy looks like he belongs in the Wild West!

Commanding by bubblesishot46853 That's Kenny Ackerman. He works for the corrupt Military Police.

Thinking by bubblesishot46853 Ackerman, huh? So, what's his relationship with Levi?

Regret by bubblesishot46853 Unfortunately, no one knows for sure. In fact, so little is known about him, he's basically a spoiler.

Please! by bubblesishot46853 Oh, please! Spoilers are only the fault of those who didn't bother reading up on the original source material!

Hmmm... by bubblesishot46853 True, if a book, movie, or video game just came out, it would be rude...

Hehe... by bubblesishot46853 ...but years later, EVERYONE should know by now that the Masked Man is Lucas' brother, Claus!

Profile by bubblesishot46853 And that Fiora never truly died.

Happy by bubblesishot46853 And that Sheik is Princess Zelda!

Smirk by bubblesishot46853 And don't forget about ME!!!

Angry by bubblesishot46853 Hades!

Smug by bubblesishot46853 What's wrong, Pitty-pat? I'm the biggest spoiler of all!

Reassuring by bubblesishot46853 Well, not quite. A lot of people do know of your existence.

Duckface by bubblesishot46853 Oh, poo. There goes my fun.

Confused by bubblesishot46853 How did you even come BACK, anyway?

Bewildered by bubblesishot46853 I said I'd figure something out, didn't I?

Point by bubblesishot46853 Anyway, I'll just leave you all to your "Smashing" good time. Hades out!

Snoop Dogg (Real Life)

Overjoyed by bubblesishot46853 Nanananana! It's the one and only D-O-doubleG!

Surprised by bubblesishot46853 You know, Pit, you're right! That IS Snoop Dogg!

Confused by bubblesishot46853 But what is he doing HERE of all places?

Commanding by bubblesishot46853 Once again, Pit, you should never underestimate an opponent because he's human. He was in a gang in his teenage years, and has been to a wrestling match, so he's very skilled in combat.

Happy by bubblesishot46853 I guess I gotta be careful with my items, then. If I throw them at him, he'll instantly know to drop 'em like it's hot!

Suspicious by bubblesishot46853 Is that seriously the only joke you're gonna do? Say the names of his songs?

Denial by bubblesishot46853 Uhh...yes?

Suspicious by bubblesishot46853 You need to be more creative than that for humor, Pit.

Thinking by bubblesishot46853 Right. Hmm...let's see...

Embarrassed by bubblesishot46853 Oh, I know! Since this is a Nintendo game, Snoop Dogg likes to Smoke Wiid Everyday!

Regret by bubblesishot46853 You're not even trying. Forget I said anything.

Depressed by bubblesishot46853 Aww! I thought it was genius...

Rocket Racoon (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Overjoyed by bubblesishot46853 Awww, it's a cute little raccoon

Rrrrrgh! by bubblesishot46853 Pit, how stupid ARE you? That's clearly NOT a raccoon!

Snarky by bubblesishot46853 Now I know you're full of it. That's totally a raccoon.

Die! by bubblesishot46853 If you must know the truth, Rocket is actually an alien species that only LOOKS like a raccoon.

Nervous by bubblesishot46853 Well, that sure makes sense.

Awww! by bubblesishot46853 He used to be normal, but constant experimentation destroyed his psyche, and look where he is now.

Shocked by bubblesishot46853 Yeah, I know! Is there anything he has that isn't a gun?

Yeah! by bubblesishot46853 Just don't let it get to you, Pit. You have your own infinite arsenal, too!

Victorious by bubblesishot46853 Alright! It's time for a true test of arsenal!

Scott Pilgrim (Scott Pilgrim vs the World)

Embarrassed by bubblesishot46853 Haha! Look at this guy! He's a total wimp!

Commanding by bubblesishot46853 Cool it, Pit. That's Scott Pilgrim, and he's much stronger than you think.

Worried by bubblesishot46853 Care to explain how strong he is?

Neutral by bubblesishot46853 Scott Pilgrim may look like a geeky nerd, but that's only because he is. However, once he started dating, he took it upon himself to fight his love's seven evil exes.

Nervous by bubblesishot46853 Seven evil exes? That girl must really get around.

Reassuring by bubblesishot46853However, you could be just as strong as he is! Just find a girl and defeat her evil exes!

Irritated by bubblesishot46853 Yeah, if I could actually GET a girlfriend! Where can I even find a girl like me?

Troll by bubblesishot46853 That's an easy question: you can't. So I guess you're just a weakling, like always.

Depressed by bubblesishot46853 Ouch. That's one I haven't heard in 28 years...

Korra (The Last Airbender)

Intrigued by bubblesishot46853 Check out this girl! She has control over all the elements!

Glad by bubblesishot46853 Oh, that's Korra! She's the current Avatar.

Confused by bubblesishot46853 I thought Robin was the Avatar.

Reassuring by bubblesishot46853 No, no, this is a different Avatar. This Avatar is the holy spirit Raava, which reincarnates constantly.

Neutral by bubblesishot46853 Raava is currently living as the Water Tribe-born Korra. With the spirit inside her, she can bend water, earth, fire, and air.

Upset by bubblesishot46853 Wow, just look at her! Bending all four elements to her will. And I can only bend one.

Surprised by bubblesishot46853 Oh, you're a bender? What can you do, Pit?

Victorious by bubblesishot46853 Well, rumor has it that I'm a professional airbender! Just look at me fly around!

Reassuring by bubblesishot46853 Rumor also has it that you're misguided and deluded yourself into thinking that you can actually fly.

Blush by bubblesishot46853 Drat! She knows my secret! Well, I guess I better one-up the Avatar and prove my worth!

Special thanks to :iconrabnadskubla: for the vectors of all the expressions!

Mom couldn't get me there on time because she didn't think they were that big a deal. Now, I failed to get Jigglypuff.

HOWEVER! After work today, Cameron went to Toys 'R' Us to pick up PAC-MAN, (he was preordered already), and managed to somehow get Greninja, too! So, we went traveling around, and also got Splatoon, the squirt gun, the Inkling amiibo, and Charizard. Still no Jigglypuff amiibo, though...

Of course, if there's anyone who has an extra to give away, I'm all ears. Just note me. OR, if there are any Jigglypuff in the Tampa area left, tell me where in a note.


So many RP ideas...which one should I post first? 

9 deviants said CAMERON'S BUTTON ONLY
8 deviants said Phone Dragon
6 deviants said Jell-O Animal
5 deviants said Bubble Animal
3 deviants said Cloud Animal
2 deviants said Topiary Garden
No deviants said Mounted on the Wall
No deviants said Honey Animal
No deviants said Glass Animal


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